TJ Animations

Flying around the world
He had so many great adventures

 What happens when you anger a bull-pig
You do not want to mess with these guys

Floating bacon
oh look, it's floating bacon

MLP and Flying Pigs Race
Animation chefs challenge and side note: Bacon is yummy!

Angry mythical creatures episode #3: egg to omlette
Eggs are real important to mythical creatures

Angry mythical creatures episode #2: The Phoenix Tree
A Phoenix is nothing without its tree, well it is one thing: Its ANGRY

Angry Mythical Creatures episode #1: The Goblins Invade
So much for angry birds, angry mythical creatures are much more dangerous

 Best Stick Frenemies

Just so everyone knows, I nearly died making this

Christmas Cookies
I sure do love those Christmas cookies

 How Did Rudolph's nose get so Bright?
(Animation Challenge)

 Egg Animation 
(Animation Challenge)

Transitions are awesome


  1. That was so great! It is entered in our animation contest. We love the voice in the head, and the broken parachute and birds thing. Especially enjoyed the credits. Good luck winning the ipad!!!
    The Animation Chefs - You know who we are!